five sentence friday #10

you’ve heard the phrase, “music to my ears”… but i would like to share with you two songs that have been “music to my heart”.

when liberty was around 3 months old and the sleep deprivation was threatening my sanity and jarod and i were at the place in our relationship where we seemed to be living in two mutually exclusive worlds i first heard lead me by sanctus real and it spoke volumes to my heart. and thankfully it also served as a mediator of sorts as it conveyed so accurately my thoughts, fears and feelings.

to his credit jarod also took the message conveyed in the lyrics to heart and healing for both of us was able to take place.

then, when liberty was 9 months old i first heard the words to do everything by steven curtis chapman and in so hearing, the Lord has continued to allow healing and hope to nourish my tired, yet ever thankful, heart.


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