a day at the park…

scheduled two months in advance, we could not have predicted how extraordinarily beautiful this october day would turn out to be.

it was the perfect fall day – cool and comfortable temperatures, sunshine and an amazing display of God’s handiwork.at every turn was a showcase of rustic beauty begging to be discovered. even so, these elaborate designs of nature couldn’t compare with the awesome beauty of our sprouts.

as one might expect, enjoying the splendor of the season wasn’t of highest priority for sterling. obtaining the perfect rock was. parking lot rock – check!

being carried and entertained was definitely of high importance for liberty. throughout the day, the majority of sterling’s attention was focused on his beloved rock and putting it in and pulling it out of his pocket.

oh the joy of having a rock… and a pocket!

when he wasn’t entertaining himself with said rock he was (insert forrest gump voice here) running.did i mention sterling loves running? or that his running is a source of great frustration for me as it makes capturing this season of his life very hard?meanwhile, we did a little exploring…and came across a little american style architecture. this time around liberty enjoyed the view from daddy’s pouch (aka. ergo), but next year i suspect we’ll have two runners to keep up with! i’ve already decided, next go around i’m going to schedule rest times… so i can capture more moments like this.

i’m also banking on the idea that the sprouts will give me plenty of opportunities to capture candid moments – such as this unplanned/unscheduled “relief session”…

i’m sure we’ll also find a chance to adventure off the (concrete) path and get a little dirt on our hands.

i have no doubt that sterling and liberty will not be the only ones that will provide candid moments. between the “normal” scenery… and jarod, i’m sure we’ll all be adequately entertained and i’ll be provided with lots of interesting moments to document.

learning from this year, i’ll make a point to take more pictures of liberty…

even if she’s eclipsed by her daddy.

of course, i’ll have a few “must visit” places on my list too. such as taking a picture with both sprouts in this (not so obvious) hand holding two children, a boy and a girl.

i’m hoping we’ll also make time to rest. upon our departure i saw some hammocks and swings that were sadly unoccupied.

and if by chance we need some excitement and rest simultaneously, i happen to know of some cool tree houses we can picnic in.

but not to worry, i’m leaving plenty of room for enjoying the little surprises we find along the way: such as a tree that looks aflame (a perfect segway into a telling of the burning bush)…


and a random, unoccupied backhoe loader…

because sometimes the unexpected is the most exciting!i’ll remember to heed the call of fallen leaves…

and let the sprouts delight themselves in them.

of course, i’m sure we’ll find a sword stick along the way.
i’ll try hard not to take such seemingly simple things, like rocks and leaves for granted.

especially if we happen to return in early october…

when the announcement of fall begs to be documented… and remembered.

most of all, i’ll take time to not only enjoy the beauty of nature, but also the One who created it.

and i suspect that upon leaving i’ll once again be reminded of all the wonderful reasons i have to be grateful.
only 356 days, give or take, to go!

Sunday Snapshot


5 thoughts on “a day at the park…

  1. Amazing pictures!! LOVE them!! Thanks for sharing! Thankful you could capture the beauty that seems to pass so quickly!! Fall pictures are an amazing reminder of the greatness of our God!!

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