five sentence friday #11…

when i picked up sterling from pre-k i was surprised to discover that his school was planning something special for halloween… and they wanted to know if sterling would be attending that day.

their big plans include a performance (huh?) and a request for all children to wear a ghost or demon costume.

hmmm… let me just say that i believe some things, such as the validity/influence of ghosts and demons, are best taught “in house”, from the good book perspective. so although sterling normally goes to pre-k on mondays, on the 31st he’ll be playing hooky, not spooky!

besides, can you imagine how scary it would be to show up to a school inundated with ghosts and demons?


2 thoughts on “five sentence friday #11…

  1. Oh my! That is scary! Why would they ask all the kids to be a demon? I was so surprised when Grace’s school said they were doing a Halloween thing, too. I thought no one here knew about it! They had a big performance tonight. No demons though, mainly princesses, pumpkins, and the boys were bats. There are a few western influences I wish didn’t catch on here.

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