since it’s been about a year since we’ve taken a break we decided we were due for a vacation. and since we have two small children we opted for a staycation.

stay·ca·tion –noun.  a vacation spent at home or near home, doing enjoyable activities or visiting local attractions.

 in typical american fashion we loaded up our van, essentially moving, for our 3 days away.

unfortunately, i had grandiose ideas of what our time away would look like. (note to self: grandiose ideas are probably not the best starting place while planning a mini family vacation with two very small children.) because we rented a serviced apartment in an upscale part of town which is conducive to walking to many nearby attractions i thought it would be easy for us to get out and about and explore our home city together. wrong.

in short, jarod was sick the duration of our visit, the apartment failed to be serviced (which meant i was still doing housework), and the biggie – the sprouts, out of their natural habitat, were sleep-deprived… resulting in unsightly cases of crankiness and sleep-deprived, cranky parents.

and though we don’t plan to ever revisit said (un)serviced apartments (with obnoxiously loud construction noises all night long) we are grateful we made getting away a priority. if for no other reason but to give jarod a much needed break from the constant pressure of email and the bombardment of phone calls. on a personal note, i was also grateful for the moments jarod freed me from mommy duty so i could explore the underground shopping city, pick up some yummy italian food for dinner, and find a wonderful western clothing shop (where i bought fun gloves for the sprouts).

if there’s one thing i’ve learned about myself and life, it’s that there’s always room for disappointment. and complaining. and when i fall into these traps i fail to remember highlights like these…

our highrise hotel room provided the perfect place for window (sun)bathing…

and crane evening we enjoyed a picnic in the living room with pizza & a (veggie tales) movie.
jarod and liberty enjoyed simply being together…

and sterling enjoyed building and destryong lego cars and buildings with daddy. but the sprout’s favorite activity was stopping by the play area after breakfast! who doesn’t love a ball pit?
and a friendly game of dodge ball?or a just-my-size house?

there were a few times during our staycation that we braved the cold and went out for lunch and to nearby stores.

during such occassions lots of bundling was required.oh yes, we also made a point to pick up a little starbucks along the way. love topping off a chilly night with warm milk and a shot of vanilla!
i would be remiss if i didn’t confess that at some point or another during our 3 days away each one of us succumbed to temptation and did a little complaining.thankfully, eventually we all got over ourselves and stopped whining and were ultimately able to enjoy our time… and realize just how tired we really were!
after we got home , unloaded our stuff just inside the doorway, we all immediately headed to our own beds for much needed naps. afterwards we celebrated sterling and the joy he’s been to our family the past two years. family time – it’s always the perfect wrap up to any adventure!


3 thoughts on “staycation…

  1. I think staycations are such a good idea, but I would have to turn off our computer and cell phones and go to a five star hotel in a warm climate with blue skies… oh wait… that’s not a staycation at all. 🙂

  2. Staycation or Vacation… it wouldn’t have mattered. You still would have had the same problems and time to enjoy.
    The pictures are wonderful!

    Thank You!

    Love to all – LOTS of hugs and kisses to all!

  3. I think you’ve proven that your family is exactly like any other in one big way at least. After a vacation, typically taken to get some “R&R,” you return home more tired and perhaps slightly worse-for-wear than you ever were before you left! 3 cheers to memories made, and comfy beds to come home to. Hip hip hooray!

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