oh, ah, october!

october was a doozy of a month. one 3 year old testing boundaries. two viral rashes. an 11 month old pushing limits. first family staycation. a fun new family tradition. amazing day at the park. many days of perfect autumn weather. and two thankful, yet fully exhausted parents. here’s our “oh, ah” photolibrary of october. enjoy!

in october liberty turned 11 months old. already.

11 months has proven to be fun, full of exploration and eating, eating, eating.

midway through the month liberty acquired a 7 day viral rash, which left her very sleepy, without an appetite, and in need of lots of mommy attention and cuddles.

let me just say, in all sterling’s babyhood i never before witnessed this “i’m gonna lay right here if you’re not gonna put me to bed immediately” surrender to illness.it was weird. and left no doubt that she needed rest.

eventually she did regain her appetite, spunk and overall cuteness.

and her ability to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like dr. seuss.

loving all that new growth!

originally intended for our {adopted} daughter, this onesie was 4 years in waiting.

lets just say, it’s the perfect fit for our baby sprout.
in the past couple of months we’ve begun thumb thumping.

this late in the game i absolutely refuse for this habit to stick.

chair pushing has become a favorite pastime.

which means she’s always on the go.
thanks to daddy, liberty’s learned the joy of giving… and taking.

meanwhile we learned that liberty is willing to function as our personal paper shredder.

we also learned that she can rock a {velcro} bow, or flower, in this case!

on one of our rough days i brought out my bag of tricks, which included a metal board and alphabet magnets.

to mine and sterling’s delight they were a total hit!
another thing that was a hit this month was this pair of boots.

bought 4 or so years ago by jarod’s sister, sterling found them in liberty’s “future clothes” drawer and decided he’d like to give them a try.

unfortunately for him, but fortunately for us, they were too small.

i love catching the sprouts in moments like this…

and this. blesses my heart.

 in october the sun began setting before 5 pm so out of necessity (imagine cranky sprouts for 3 hours prior to bedtime!) we began a new tradition: family jam session!

it’s been a huge hit!

apparently everyone in our family’s got rhythm.

everyone, but me, that is.

and the best part is, it’s not just a tradition to pass the time, but has become a significant time of praise and worship for our family.
sadly, between sterling’s schooling, naptime and busyness (read: refusal to accommodate the mamarazzi) pictures of sterling aren’t as plentiful as i would like.

even so, he daily entertains us with his bigger than life personality…

and his joy in the every day.

one of sterling’s october highlights was acquiring this thomas the train from a friend thanks to a kfc kid’s meal deal. after many months of admiring the plastic engine in the glass case (mind you he already owns a real, wood one) his patience was finally rewarded. thanks a!

daddy’s patience also paid off.

as liberty is in every sense a daddy’s girl.

to the best of our guesstimation liberty had roseola about half way through the month.

after several days of fever i took her to the doctor, only to discover (of course!) that it was nearing the end and that other than wait it out there really wasn’t anything i could do for her.

just in case i haven’t mentioned it before, sterling loves cars and trains!

and i love this smile!

every once in a while he’ll rediscover some toy in this toy box .

on this particular day it was a finger puppet shark.

liberty also enjoyed his discovery. and i enjoyed the photo-op!

couldn’t help but beg jarod for a photo of us when I discovered we matched!

love these elephant jammers.

and love this smile.


but love her so much more.
one of the things i love about jarod is that he makes sure to invest in daddy & sterling time, which often means playing trains, but can also include hanging out with him on his bed reading books.

with the cooling temperatures we broke out the fun hats.

sterling absolutely loves this hat.

liberty, well not so attached… but willing to oblige. i love this ensemble, complete with matching monkey jammers.

sterling loves entertaining. liberty loves making new friends.

and i love that they are so loved.

fall fashion: pink gingham and sterling’s hand me down overalls! ok, i know it’s a bit “hillbilly” but i couldn’t resist.

lately sterling and daddy have been very creative in their combo lego/train track creations.

daddy’s ingenuity makes sterling one very happy and busy boy!

these days i’m trying really hard to get out of my own comfort zone and give sterling some creative juice flowing opportunities. this tends to work best while liberty is napping.

a right of passage: sterling finds a bug (dead ladybug). jarod’s been great to teach him, “they don’t hurt, they just tickle” which he loves to repeat to himself. this has also given us opportunity to teach him that not all bugs (such as certain kinds of worms) “just tickle”.
after fully inspecting said dead ladybug it was eventually time to discard it out the window… before it wound up in someone’s mouth!and just so you don’t mistakenly think that was the end of october, i’m saving the last for last. october 31st photoshoot coming soon…

Sunday Snapshot


7 thoughts on “oh, ah, october!

  1. Thank you for posting these great pictures! I love the hats – Sterling with the panda hat and Liberty with the monkey hat & pjs and Sterling with the trains! They are wonderful and give us a glimpse inot their happy days!! We love you all!!! Nai Nai

  2. Oh my goodness. There are so many great photos! I can’t decide which is my favorite. Our big guy loves to try on his sisters new clothes and shoes. Thankfully, they are all too small for him, but he likes to check them out anyway.

  3. I love to see all of the smiles, overalls, and pink boots. Looking forwrad to the next posted photoshoot… I’m sure it will be so sweet! Hard to believe that we are on to November (1 week in already!) and we are moving on to Thanksgiving, Chrstmas, and all of the things promised to us in a new year. So thankful that you share your growing sprouts with us. Love you all.

  4. GREAT October beginning!!!

    You said “saving the last for last” which I’m assuming it’s supposed to be “the best for last”!!

    I don’t know how it can get any better but I trust you when you say it can!! LOL

    LOVE Y’ALL!!!!!!

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