liberty’s 1st birthday! {moments & memories from the mamarazzi}

leading up to the big day…

new to liberty: dresses. and dresses with bows.showing her true colors. i think she just might be the perfect combination of girly girl and tomboy.

either way, she’s 100% daddy’s girl!

and now: sporty liberty.
this outfit makes me think that if it weren’t for the lack of tennis courts here on the east side our girl would be destined for wimbledon.

but alas she’ll just have to learn to love the less classy, but way eastern version, badminton.

until then, she’s busy perfecting her standing and walking skills.

her gnawing skills.

and her posing skills.

yep, our girl’s got some serious skills.

oh, far be it from me to neglect to mention her brushing skills.

too bad she’s not compensated for double duty.

other than a pretty smile, that is.
liberty’s last night to be 11 months old.  and an emotional moment for mommy.

and here she is: the birthday girl. wearing a beautiful cotton butterfly dress handpicked by her daddy 4+ years ago.

opening her first birthday present, a “little mommy” doll.

unfortunately, the residual effects of teething and vaccinations did eventually catch up.

sterling was thankful to receive this bonus “big brother of the birthday girl gift”. (black eye came complimentary of a trip down the stairs, a week ago.)

her (failed) attempt at self medicating.

liberty’s 1st birthday (8:38) kiss!one grateful mommy + one happy baby. ahhh.

lunch was messy.

which gave her opportunity to show off the cause (proof is in the bandaid) of so much of her discomfort.

followed by more discomfot (see that mean tooth?) and more unhappiness.
post nap time provided a new clothing experience and more presents.

followed by a chance to play dress up and a full on mamarazzi attack.

another dress. another bow. ahhhh.  thank you lao lao for all the dresses, especially this sweet gem!  .

and her first baby doll that smile. makes the purchasing online 3 times over fiasco so very worth it.

even makes the frugal girl in me glad we took the financial dip.

it truly is better to give than receive.

though i must admit i’m reaping some pretty sweet rewards!

thanks nai nai & ye ye for the baby doll, the resemblence is uncanny. 😉

and so is theirs.

this picture literally makes me feel like i’m looking into the future, seeing liberty as she will one day look. no longer a baby, but a beautiful little girl. and in all honesty it makes me heart leap with joy and cry out against the march of time simultaneously.

my not so perfect attempts at recreating (from memory) jarod’s pose.

i’ll keep working on it.

during nap time we whipped up one large pumpkin pie and 4 individual pies for the sprouts.

very fun and festive table runner courtesy of nai nai. thanks too for the ribbon.  in my low key birthday manual, it is the perfect birthday pumpkin pie topper!

so surreal to dedicate a “1” candle to our baby sprout.

but before pie can be consumed we needed to get into something a little more casual.

we needed to take a few moments to enjoy our birthday gifts.

but most importantly, mommy needed to take a few more photos.

then… we ate dinner. crockpot chicken and apples. and for the birthday girl, an alvacodo


finally it was time to dawn the “birthday girl” bib and have a taste of the good life.

after all, that is the point of turning a year older, right?

first bite.

the verdict…
success! oh… that is what i call yummy goodness!

at the close of her first day to be one year old i was once again in awe of what a special gift, a perfectly timed blessing, liberty is.
and i was once again amazed at how good our God is.
we love you miss liberty praise.
and because it still causes my tongue to stick to the roof of my mouth to say it, i’ll tell you in print, “happy 1st birthday baby sprout!”

Ni Hao Yall


10 thoughts on “liberty’s 1st birthday! {moments & memories from the mamarazzi}

  1. Happy Birthday Liberty! Jennifer – there are just too many great photos! I can’t decide my favorite! Way to go with the birthday pie! YUM.

    • coming from a brilliant photographer as yourself this is the highest form of flattery. thanks for the compliments and the love. all smiles! 🙂

  2. I really love how many photos you’ve been posting!! It’s so much fun for us, your faithful followers. Happy birthday, sweet Liberty. I can’t believe we haven’t even met you in person yet. We’ll fix that in a few months! Looks like you made it a special day, J.

  3. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I had some great and sweet memories from Thanksgiving 2010. A year ago at this time I had the priviledge and honor to be in Bankock, Thailand putting together a Thanksgiving meal with Jarod. Also getting to be there when Liberty was born.

    Sometimes I just have to stop myself and sit back and remember all that I should be thankful for and then that ‘should’ turns into “I am SO thankful” for…” There is so much that it overpowers whatever it is that has me thinking the other way. THANK GOD for HE is AWESOME!!!!

  4. I don’t know how I can let Jennifer and Jarod know how thankful I am to them and their love for me. They both go above and beyond what any Mom/in-law could ever wish for.

    The pictures and newsletters are just a start and I relish and cherish everyone of them!

    THANK YOU Jennifer
    THANK YOU Jarod

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