battle scars & wounds…

on numerous occasions jarod has proudly told me of his “battle wounds” – scars acquired during his childhood. each wound is accompanied with an animated story of how it came to be. most of them are accompanied with fond memories of childhood foolishness or silliness. there is one, however, that happened while he was in high school that is not so lovingly remembered. but as far as his childhood goes, jarod has the privilege of bragging that most of his battles did little more than cause a (insert british accent) “flesh wound.”

being a girl myself (ha!) there are certain aspects of boyhood that i simply do not understand.

for instance, jarod wishes he had more “flesh wounds”. apparently the eye scar (cut diagonal across the eye) is the most coveted of all “flesh wounds”. so thankful that jarod still has both eyes & is not permanently on pirate duty.

in fact, this mommy would prefer that the concept of “battle scars” – as well as “flesh wounds” – would simply take a vacation and skip their honorary visits.

but alas, my ouchie-free pipedream is far, far from reality.

two years ago sterling obtained his first real “flesh wound” when he tripped and landed, top teeth first, on a wooden block (ref. busted).  i remember the pure horror of seeing blood (which belongs contained on the inside) on his mouth and the anguish it caused my heart.

now, several, several bonks, bruises & brushes with catastrophe later (more ref. material here: bonk! & tough cookie) the sight of blood still gives me the quibbles but i’ve slowed down a bit in the reaction department.

not that it’s been entirely by choice.

i’ve slowed down mainly because the accidents tend to happen at a rate of speed i simply cannot keep up with!

apparently, bandages, bumps and bruises is what three looks like!

so, in honor of our very tough & tumble little boy here’s a few november photos of sterling:

as you can see, it all began with a little bump on his eye…

eventually the wounds became bigger.  black eye courtesy of a trip down the stairs. unfortunately, it’s latest for over two weeks now and it looked much worse before it got better.


oops… to add insult to injury sterling caught a cold, and mommy didn’t notice the “smear” until later.

when i first saw sterling’s black forehead, nose and mini-mustache i was a bit concerned. thankfully it was only dust from our window screens as he had pressed his face into them to get a better view. couple all that with his black eye and we had one very spotted sprout!

then came the “battle scar”.  chipped tooth is the result of spinning himself into a state of dizzying bliss and subsequently falling – just as he finished quoting galations 5:22-23… “self-control” – bam!  ironic, yes.  i have to keep reminding myself that it’s only cosmetic. L

here you can see the “stain” left over from a sticker (of all things!) i gave him. oddly enough, the adhesive has stained his skin black and no amount of rubbing or alcohol has been able to remove it.

then, just today he re-injured his previously re-injured chin!

my goodness, i never expected sterling to be just as black and blue as his jacket!

hopefully we’ll survive this (please let it just be a) season and sterling will have his own fond memories of his many “battle wounds”.

looks like at this rate, sterling might have years worth of animated stories of “battle scars” and “flesh wounds”!
Ni Hao Yall


2 thoughts on “battle scars & wounds…

  1. battle scars, flesh wounds, definitely a part of every boy’s life…..unfortunately. 😦

    your little guy, though, does it with such finesse!

    such a cutie, he is!!! 🙂

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