today’s high/low…

today’s high – as we were unpacking our CHRISTmas/Easter decoration box we came across our plush nativity scene we hang in the window. last CHRISTmas we reviewed it every night before bed and so sterling became very fond and familiar with the story of Jesus. when sterling saw them he said, “hey mommy, do you remember the story of Jesus?” at that moment i couldn’t contain my joy and excitement. because though sterling remembers the story of Jesus come as a baby, he’s now starting to realize that this is the same Jesus who grew up and told peter to put his nets on the other side. this is the same Jesus who can “live in our hearts today!” come Lord Jesus!

today’s low – as we were putting up CHRISTmas decorations i found myself becoming more and more frazzled. i figured it was primarily because jarod was busy (stringing lights) and the sprouts were into everything. a shattered ornament. two children clammoring for all the new “toys”. a little boy who had a hard time complying with simple requests. and a little girl who was constantly sticking objects in her mouth. the truth is, none of those occurances are rare around here… and it’s certainly not uncommon for my attention to be devided. yet, as time went on i felt my nerves unraveling. so, i did something i’ve never done before. after giving sterling instruction i got louder and firmer and louder and firmer until i brought tears to his eyes. yes, his disobedience broke my heart. but what broke my heart even more was seeing his face. for you see, noticing that i wasn’t being as loving, joyful, patient, kind, gentle as i should be with our precious sprouts all i wanted to do was hug sterling. hug him to calm his excitement, hug him to calm my frayed nerves. but most of all hug him to reconnect.
needless to say, sterling received an apology tonight. as did my Lord. and i did eventually get that sweet hug i was craving… and it was accompanied with a sweet moment of forgiveness.

on a side note, i did eventually discover that the 3 strands of various colored lights blinking at me were the cause of my fried nerves. and with a little push of a button jarod was able to relieve the sensory stress. whew!


One thought on “today’s high/low…

  1. As we all know, life has its ups and downs and sometimes we can let the downs take over.
    You’re a fantastic Mom and the fact that you realized your situation says a lot about you. Just hang in there. That wasn’t the first and it certainly won’t be the last that the kids will get you frazzled. You just have to remember, they’re just kids and the fact that they have to stay inside 90% of the time makes for very stressful situations.

    I love you Jennifer

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