our 1st advent celebration…

i’ve heard of advent. and advent conspiracy. but i didn’t really understand it – advent.
i understood the symbolism of lighting candles for 4 sundays leading up to CHRISTmas.
but i had never celebrated what those candles represented.
the light of CHRIST come into the world.
i had never seriously considered the advent season as a time of preparing my own heart for the coming of CHRIST, both as a baby and as my King.
this year we determined to steady our hearts on CHRIST and focus our attentions on what his first coming meant and what his second coming promises.
so this year we celebrate our 1st advent.
being a simple girl myself i’m more likely to enjoy and follow through on commitments that are also simple.
so here’s a few simple advent resources i’d like to share with you.
in preperation of welcoming CHRIST into your heart and CHRISTmas season this year.
focus on the family advent reading plan  (which looks ideal for older children)
rediscovering the CHRISTmas season  (which also happens to be a youversion app)

this year we’ve chosen to participate in the rediscovering the CHRISTmas season plan which includes readings and a fun family activity (some of which we made up just for our family).  but it also has journaling ideas and other insights that us adults might fight helpful to daily redirect our hearts toward CHRIST.

happy advent!


2 thoughts on “our 1st advent celebration…

  1. How fun for you to start this study, as well as bringing a new tradition to your family as your kids grow up. Phil asked me today what our traditions would be with our kids…. I will admit that I was, and still am, flummoxed. I think our first Christmas will be a more of “thank goodness we survived this year” and we’ll worry about traditions in 2012…

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