thankful: november snow!

on the eve of a big snow the sky glows – all night. a fog settles in. and the temperatures drop.

snow is quite the novelty to us houstonians.

and though we live in temperatures that can reach as low as -30, snow is still rare.

jarod’s always happy when it makes it shimmering, snow globe appearance.

i’m always happy when it leaves.

because truth be told, city snow isn’t apt to stay white for long.

so, on this day jarod and sterling rushed out the door to enjoy the beauty of the moment… as well as some much needed daddy/son bonding time.

the basketball court right outside our (7th floor) window was as good a place as any to begin their snow romp.

the fresh snow was an empty canvas just waiting for jarod’s creativity to be unleashed.

what he didn’t realize was that sterling had his own creative ideas, which primarily involved trampling daddy’s “我爱你金银蝶

mission accomplished. times 2.

and now time for sterling’s signature.

and some laughs.

after romping through the “secret garden” the boys decided that it was time to gather some snow for liberty before heading inside – to our much warmer home.

it was obvious the boys had a good time. jarod was most excited that the snow was dry and “perfect for snowballs!’ though competition-style snow ball fights will have to wait a few more years. 😉

liberty was most excited about giving this new white substance a taste test.

getting her hands wet was also pretty exciting.

it was shocking how quickly the snow melted in their hands (and mouths) once they brought it in.

based on liberty’s understanding of the situation, this snow stuff was a limited commodity and she wasn’t keen on letting any of it get away.

sometimes it’s best to get a little perspective before you do something you regret. like eating snow, which is apparently a lot more bitter and cold than one would expect of a water-based, frozen substance!

i guess we could all use perspective. especially when it comes to trusting Dad that there’s more snow (or in biblical context, seed) available at our disposal.

besides, i don’t think “becoming white as snow” means we keep eating out of the bowl of bitterness.

thankful that even in the simple moments of our lives we can be reminded of some profound truths.

perspective. a beautiful reason to be thankful.


3 thoughts on “thankful: november snow!

  1. I am always amazed that your kids barely have on any layers inside your house! Of course, we have our kids in down jumpers inside at all times. Can’t wait for TL!

  2. LOL
    Liberty and Sterling are going to see a lot more of this, right?

    I can’t wait to see when Liberty has her first romp in the snow. That should be quite an experience. Of course, Sterling will have to instruct her on the finer things of playing in it, I’m sure. :~)

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