a few of my favorite things…

recently i came across a great idea. so great in fact that i was very sad that i couldn’t host my own “favorite things party” because so many of the people i’d want to invite are in the states. the basic premise is that a group of 6 – 12 friends get together and gift each other with one of their favorite things (typically under $30). some of the favorite things these ladies had gifted each other ran the gamut from high-end make-up to a favorite sweater to a tub of a & d.

so i thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorite things.

afterwards, many of you may actually feel a sigh of relief that this year you won’t be gifted with a $1 tube of lipstick!

wet n wild lipstick color: 549a/cashmere. i love it so much that i bought 10 before we left the states. this bargain lipstick certainly beats the $10 maybelline options here on the east side.

ferror rocher. i first fell in love with these chocolate balls of yummy goodness when i was gifted a box 8 years ago. and i’ve been hooked ever since. thankfully they sell them in the 3 pack here, which is pretty much my chocolate quota for the week.

fruit of the loom {no lines} panties. because i got tired of hearing about my “lines” and i was/ am totally unwilling to wear a slip i love these. besides, if anyone complains about my “lines” – which they haven’t, i can blame fruit of the loom.

while we were in the states i bought a lot of jeans. primarily because as i grew in my pregnancy i opted for a cheap pair of outlet pants over the high price of maternity pants. for the most part i’m glad i did as i was/am able to use several outlet pairs as my weight stabilizes. with that said, one thing i learned is all jeans are not created equal. two of the styles (not outlet, but still affordable) that has served me well is old navy’s sweetheart and boyfriend jeans. at just under $30 (online) you might find them to be the cure for your own sagging waist/hip area. 😉

and the splurge. nearly 3 years ago we were told that it was a must have. but after shelling out big bucks for a “real camera” nothing video-esque fit the “must have list”. however, once the sprouts entered our lives the old style video camera wasn’t conducive to my recording needs or jarod’s desire to reformat every.single.piece.of.footage. so last CHRISTmas we welcomed the flip into our family. if you highly value simplicity and/or revolt against learning new technology, the flip is well worth the financial plunge.

and there you have it. some of my favorites. 4 out of 5 under $30. and one every day favorite at only a $1!

what are some of your favorite things?


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