my first day of class x 4…

today i begin attending language class. again.

in my 1.5 years here this is my 4th first class.

when we first returned to the east side I went to class 5 days a week, 2 hours a day. i was pregnant then. and though i hated missing out on sterling’s mornings i was grateful to have the opportunity to study in a group setting.

because if there’s anything i’ve learned about myself over here, it’s that i don’t do well studying on my own. or at all.

after a couple of months of study (and enjoying great improvement in my speaking) it was time to head out of country to deliver liberty. and that’s when i took my first language hiatus. failure to complete the course: justified.

then, when liberty was 3 months old and i was at the peak of exhaustion and feeling obnoxiously sleep deprived i decided i could hold off on language learning no longer. and foolishly i assumed that though liberty was not on any kind of schedule somehow it’d work itself out and she’d be gracious enough to accommodate me (in my classroom) by scheduling herself to sleep the duration of my one-on-one tutoring session. needless-to-say, liberty did a lot of crying and i can honestly say i didn’t learn anything. not because of anything my teacher did or didn’t do, but because my brain was not in a position to function.

after returning home one day and collapsing on the floor i surrendered to the fact that my good intention wasn’t working out to be a good idea. i couldn’t do the 1 hour trek each way with liberty any longer. i felt defeated and deflated.

it didn’t take me long to realize my desperate need for intentional (ie. time set aside just for) language study. eventually another option presented itself. a friend of a friend offered to come to my home during liberty’s nap times. i could chose the content. and because she was very accommodating i thought this opportunity was too good to pass up. so i resumed language class. again with a tutor.

as much as i have enjoyed this laid back approach i still know myself well enough to know i’m rarely going to study outside of our times together and i really need the scheduled structured setting a classroom (with other students) provides.

so today i’m doubling up.

normally my tutor comes for 1.5 hours/one day a week (sounds piddly doesn’t it?).

but today my class will be for a solid (and mind numbing) 3 hours.

my sincere hope is that these scheduled twice a week study times will help me gain some traction in this otherwise elusive language.

and the bonus: my current commitment has a doable time frame. approximately 1 month.

’cause in all honesty i don’t know how well i’ll do away from liberty for an entire morning.


update: class 1 down! it’s official, my language isn’t just rusty, i think it’s totally corroded. and it’s gonna take a major overhaul to get it up and going again. anyone got any “rusteze” on hand?




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