advent reflection: the impossible

during my advent study leading up to CHRISTmas i was challenged to ask God for the “impossible”.

it’s not that i never ask God for the” impossible”.  because i do.  on a very regular basis.

in fact, you may recall that i asked for prayer for my mom to be “seizure free in 2011”.  in some ways that seemed like an impossible request.  yet, as far as we know (because seizures can vary in severity) God has blessed our requests on her behalf!

it’s not uncommon for me to ask God to do the “impossible” in the lives of people i know and love.  nor is it uncommon for me to ask the “impossible” for circumstances and people i don’t even know by name.  it just seems, in this life, that when asking for healing, restoration or redemption, i usually feel like i’m asking for the “impossible”.

however, this particular challenge to pray for the “impossible” felt very personal.

instantly i was made aware of what i needed to bring before our Father, as my “impossible” request.

even so, for a moment the very fear i knew i was to ask God to overcome (& ultimately heal) veiled my faith and i almost chose not to ask such a big request of him.

as if anything is too big for our God.

it was then that i knew i had to make the request…  i knew i had to muster the faith to believe that he is in fact the God that does and can do the “impossible” – even in me.

so i confess all this to ask that you would pray with and for me that my endometriosis, the illness that kept me in bed 2-3 weeks of every month for years on end, would not return and rob me of these precious days with our sprouts.

i’m asking the “impossible” of our God, who’s bigger than any physical pain i’ve experienced and who’s greater than my fears.

and because i’ve seen him do the “impossible” in the lives of many, many others i want to ask you: how can i pray the “impossible” for you in 2012?

undeserving, but hopeful.



One thought on “advent reflection: the impossible

  1. I don’t know how you think you are undeserving in asking Him to have healed, or to heal, you from the endo. I feel you are one of the most deserving of His disciples. You and Jarod have put your total trust in Him where others would have given up. I will be praying that that illness IS a thing of the past.

    I Love You Jennifer!!! I Love You Jarod!!!

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