new year’s eve: 2011

16 years ago jarod and i began our journey together.

i had warned him that the next guy i dated i planned on marrying.

thankfully, he didn’t take me too seriously.

but at 18 i was as serious as a heart attack.

oh, young love.

this year as we sat on the couch together i remarked how different our lives look compared to that first date 16 years ago.

no sparkle eye-shadow.

no friends to celebrate with.

too tired to pluck myself from the couch.

and yet, on new year’s eve i found myself content, full of joy and thankful.

oh, so very thankful.


3 thoughts on “new year’s eve: 2011

  1. Kevin was so tired he couldn’t stay awake until midnight this New Year’s Eve. I think that was a first. It’s true, time changes things. So glad God is faithful at every stage. Happy New Year, my friend.

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