new year’s eve: 2011 {sterling’s performance}

to celebrate new year’s eve sterling’s pre-k orchestrated a grand production for all the parents. we were hopeful that this, his 2nd school performance, would prove to be much more fun for all of us.

well, it didn’t exactly turn out that way.

’cause from the beginning the odds were against us.

the morning started out normal enough, except for the confused look sterling gave us every time we expressed our excitement that it was the day of his performance.

after bundling up for the 10 degree temperatures we set out on our 15 minute trek – liberty in the stroller and jarod carrying sterling.

when we arrived we were greeted by one of the teachers (not his). and this is where things began to go sour. unfortunately, he didn’t recognize her because she wasn’t wearing her school uniform, so when it was time for him to leave us to join his classmates in preperation for the performance he began to panic. it took great self-control on my part to encourage him to go with her.

because sterling’s pre-k is so small, they don’t have space large enough to accommodate a school-wide performance. so they rented out an actual cinema. as much as i appreciated the stadim seating, the cinema failed to be the perfect stage since they had to use a spotlight to illuminate the performers. of which, only those in the very center were illuminated.

even more unfortunate than the lighting was the fact that sterling was in full blown panic mode. our hopes that he would be comforted by being reunited with his friends and teacher were quickly dashed when we took our seats and though he couldn’t see us, we continued to hear his cries.

needless to say, his cries accompanied him onto center stage.

and then, when he spotted daddy standing inconspicoiusly in the crowd the intensity of his cries increased – dramatically.

and so did mommy’s


let’s just say, everyone in the audience knew who his mommy was.

thankfully, by the end of his performance he was able to hold himself together.

and we were able to congrulate him for doing such a good job!

in between sterling’s performances liberty was adequetly entertained by the songs, dances and skits of the other children… and we were entertained by her. J

in celebration of sterling’s 2nd performance we made a pitstop on our way out of the mall at subway sandwich. an especially nice treat with a sale on the ham variety – feeding our whole family on three 6″ subs for 36 kuai ($5.50).

while sterling was busy dodging the camera liberty was content to sit tight and patiently wait for her custom ordered sub.

after a traumatic performance, many reassuring hugs and kisses and a full belly we headed back home sad that sterling didn’t thoroughly enjoy his moment in the spotlight, but thankful for the opportunity. because if there is one thing he and i were on that day, we were s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d.

7.22.11: immediately exited stage in fear and tears.

12.31.11: cried, but stayed.

hopeful we’re one performance closer to seeing sterling enjoying his moment in the spotlight.


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