liberty: up and at ’em!

i was elated when liberty began walking before her 1st birthday.

but then we traveled (oh! still gotta show ya our friend’s wedding!). being confined to a small room for two days on a train and being attached to mommy (when not asleep) during our trip appeared to cause a minor setback.

however, the minor setback became a major one as everyone who walked in our home insisted on holding liberty. in essence, preventing her from trying out her walking legs.

in an effort to honor our guests i obliged their wishes, telling myself: “no one’s gonna ask how old she was when she began walking (well) when she’s playing professional football walking down the aisle”.

and though i believe that sentence and the sentiments behind it, i’m also very eager for liberty to be able to stand on her own two feet… and walk.

so this week i very cautiously and nicely stuck to my guns. “please let her walk around.” “she’s 14 months olds. she needs to practice walking.” and so on.

thankfully, to my surprise, once people realized/remembered that she was over a year old and that she did in fact want to “practice” they were more than compliant.

i think that as much as they adore her and want to hold and touch her, they also realize this is a milestone that must be achieved… with their self-restraint help.

and just like that, she’s up & at ’em!

and we’re all very happy about that!

Sunday Snapshot


4 thoughts on “liberty: up and at ’em!

  1. Precious pictures — and what a cute stage! I also think its wonderful that you have people in your home so often…we want that badly, especially now that it is getting more and more difficult to get out with 3 (and soon 5). 🙂

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