the vacation that was… and wasn’t.

late january we decided to take a little hiatus from the freezing temperatures and the pop! pop! pop! of an endless supply of professional grade fireworks – outside our livingroom window, day and night.

it was a great idea.  if i do say so myself.

after arranging a much anticipated reunion with some of our dearest east side friends we headed to a popular tourist destination, suitcase full of shorts and an adequate supply of sandals.

unfortunately, just when got settled in our “tree house” sterling starting running a fever.  101.  no big deal,or so i hear.  but we still, we were baffled because he wouldn’t eat and he wanted to be held, all sweaty and needy, by daddy every.single.waking.moment.

day 5 jarod took him to the doctor and discovered that he had a severe sinus infection, which caused drainage, which made his tummy unhappy and ultimately caused him to starve himself and become – you got it – more needy.

after just a day of antibiotics we could see a drastic improvement and though he wasn’t the endless storm of energy he typically is, we were thankful for a quick and relatively simply solution.

the following day i woke up feeling weak and seriously dehydrated.  cause: stomach flu.  i ended up spending the day at the hosptial – mostly sleeping, receiving fluids and awaiting the test results.  ultimately i left feeling much better but disappointed for jarod that he wasn’t able to hang out with the guys (the one designated day).

we spent the next couple of days recovering and repacking our stuff.  then it was time to leave the “tree house” and our dear friends (who seriously got the short end of the “fun” stick) and head to my all time favorite hospital.

weird that i have a favorite hospital?  maybe.  but if you’ve been there then i’m sure you’d quickly agree.

our plan was to get liberty’s 15 month shots, ask about her skin (which is becoming increasingly sensitive), update sterling’s shots and a  dentist appointment and routine check-ups for us adults.

in the span of 36 hours we had 8 appointments and discovered:  liberty had an ear infection, eczema, food allergies and flat feet (which needs to be further evaluated).  sterling needed 2 boosters (one being the most painful shot i’ve ever received!) and a stellar report on his teeth (no thanks to our lack of adequate brushing!).  jarod is the perfect canidate for balloon sinuplasty (yippy!) and his thyroid medicine needed to be increased.  and lastly, me… nothing major to report, except that i revisited the doctor who delivered liberty.  and though he didn’t remember me… or her (and seriously, why would he!?!) he did remember sterling!  ha!  😉

we left the hospital well medicated and very thankful for effeciency!

and now, after leaving at 7 am and arriving home at 10:30 pm (door-to-door) we’re looking forward to our next much anticipated and NEEDED vacation!



5 thoughts on “the vacation that was… and wasn’t.

  1. So sorry about all the sickness. We had sickness on our way home from our recent vacation as well! Emily had 101.6 fever and Will has been sick with a cold and things since we got back. Josh has a theory and it seems to hold true…when the kids are in daycare, ours always seem to get sick!! No fun!! Welcome back!! Hope you all are feeling better!

  2. I KNOW! I felt so bad for Sterling & you & now Jarrod’s medication & Liberty’s feet! When we got home, I was lying in bed thinking of all the things I wanted to do especially take family photos of each of you with your kids. Sigh. We had a great visit & I loved shopping with you!

  3. Is this why I haven’t heard anything from you guys in a while? I was almost to the point of “worry” but I am glad I held out before sending emails of concern! I have some exciting news to share—-Bill and I are going to be GRANDPARENTS! We are sooooooo excited. Our daughter Brooke and husband Mike are going to have a baby in September. Here is our pryer: that we have a healthy baby and it will be born on the 14th (our son’s birithday). If daddy wants to smile on us and grant that request, we would be so delighted. For right now, may I borrow your term Sprout for our baby-in-utero? It fits so well with the last name: Sprout Spradley (you see, Brooke only had to change 2 letters in her last name when she married!!) All in all, I am floating right now and praise Him for your recovery from the “vacation”!

  4. I was so sad you and S. got sick. That was definitely a case of “needing a vacation from your vacation.” But you handled it all beautifully. It was wonderful to see you in person, share hearts, and see your babies. Let’s not wait another 2+ years to do it again. Love you!!

  5. I’m so sad that you got sick on your vacation!! I hope all of you are feeling much better now. 🙂 And I know what you mean about a favorite hospital…

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