sprout’s & a request for prayer…

tuesday morning liberty woke with a fever… and pulling at both her ears. we gave her the prescribed antibiotics and baby tylenol. then made a doctor’s appointment for the next day.

thankfully, after the medicine and much prayer liberty’s fever did not return for 24 hours and she was feeling much better. so i canceled her appointment.

unfortunately, when sterling woke up he was running a fever. fearing that his sinus infection would only get worse if we didn’t get some treatment before the weekend i called the doctor’s office and rescheduled, this time for sterling. they said an appointment was available that same day. we dinged it.

jarod took sterling to see the doctor. it was determined that sterling’s sinus infection had in fact turned into a double ear infection!

so now we have 2 sprouts with sinus & double ear infections.

please pray with us that they will both recover completely, quickly.


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