because you care…

thank you for the many people who have been remembering us this past week. because you have cared for us… and have asked… we want you to know that BOTH SPROUTS ARE WELL!

they’re both still on antibiotics… but fevers, running noses and overall crankiness exhaustion are a thing of the past!

in fact, we’re all feeling (pretty close to) normal!



4 thoughts on “because you care…

  1. I’ve been off the radar fo a while (believe it or not I have been kind of busy!) It was fun catching up on the last several posts, and it was also nice to read that the sprouts were sick, and only have to worry about it long enough to read that they were overall, healthy and happy again (ah the power of “checking out” for a while!).

    I’ve missed our e-mailing back and forth, I’m back at work now so I shoudl have more time for “normal” activities like corresponding with friends.P&E are well, I tell them often about our East Side friends who can’t wait to meet them (next year!)

  2. Yeah, for good health! I am glad you all are feeling better! Morning sickness just hit Brooke—-she doesn’t care for this part!! Imagine that!

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