CNY vacation 2012 (part 1)

this is where sterling spent most of our vacation. in his room. on his bed. sleeping.

poor baby. stinkin’ sinus infection.

the mornings were surprisingly cold. so we dressed the sprouts accordingly. thankfully there were a few days sterling was willing to play in the playroom after breakfast.

not totally sure of where they were going, but it was good to see them putting some miles on those horses, together.

while sterling was sleeping we hung out on the patio. “oh how i bemoan the fact that for the 1st time in my life i’m wearing a swim diaper but have zero prospects of swimming!”

while she wasn’t bemoaning her pathetic state of being unfairly dressed (& eating pretzels) she was busy tidying up… and lookin’ mighty cute (& proud) in the process.

eventually sterling woke up.

and enjoyed a few pretzels himself.

as you can see, by the afternoon the temperatures warmed up quite a bit… but we never managed to brave the (still) cold pool.

understandably, being the focal point of my lens wasn’t high on his priority list.

on the 3rd day sterling’s fever gave us all a reprieve and so wanting to make the most of our vacation we went to the local zoo. the trolley ride was well worth the price as it brought us face to face with this beautiful beast.

after trekking a little way on foot we made it to the giraffes where sterling had the awesome privilege of feeding one bananas.

seriously, who knew giraffes ate bananas!?!

as you can see, there was so much to be excited about!

on our trek back through the park we came face to face again with the gentle giant… and got another chance to appreciate those tusks.


there was a baby elephant nearby. sterling was intrigued by its cuteness but not intrigued enough to touch it. thank goodness.

i couldn’t resist sharing this cute mug with you… and his stylish footwear. 😉

oh yes, liberty and i were there too… though we were often behind the camera. in honor of liberty’s near-bald noggin’ the sunny skies we bought her an elephant cap, trunk and all.

the pandas had their own indoor airconditioned “sanctuary”. (this was the first time we heard the legend of how the pandas got those 2 black eyes.)

we even found an outdoor play area… just right for regrouping.

and watching an epic, unscripted, reptile show.

an iguana, hanging precariously by a few nails.

after several attempts to hoist himself back onto the log, he ultimately failed.. falling 20 feet. not exactly my fondest memory of our outing. quite tramatic, actually. according to some sources, after falling to what appeared to be certain death he scurried off under a log to recover his pride.

liberty eventually got a much needed nap in a song tao (covered back of a taxi truck) on our way back to our “tree house” lodge.

meanwhile sterling enjoyed being surrounded by so many motorcycles.

i’m so thankful for our outing to the zoo… and the wonderful memories we made that day, because what i didn’t know was that our life was about to slow down considerably. and that special outing would be our favorite family highlight of our time in the sun.


2 thoughts on “CNY vacation 2012 (part 1)

  1. Amazing pictures!!! I love the pics of Sterling and Liberty and Jarod and Jennifer and the zoo pics are great!! Thank you for sharing them!! We love you all 4!!!

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