CNY vacation 2012 (part 3: the wrap up)

towards the end of our vacation sterling was starting to feel better. so after a green light (no fever) we made the trek to a local mall to partake in a much appreciated (& very affordable) play place. side note: liberty’s friend is 6 weeks younger than her. so cute together! 😉

sterling had a blast climbing up the slide and falling back down into the balls.

liberty took a little joy ride, sans the ride (no money was deposited)… but there was lots of joy!

and just like that our vacation came to an abrupt end. L

next up: medical care. 24 hours and 7 appointments later we were thoroughly satisfied with the efficiency of the local hospital.

here liberty’s a stand in as we didn’t get a picture of sterling at his dentist appointment


just when we thought we might catch a breather we boarded another 2 planes back “home, home”… where we were greeted with temperatures in the teens…

and many much-loved and much-missed toys


jarod worked diligently to make up for lost floor time.

as you can see, it was a sweet lego reunion.

unfortunately, when we returned home the firework fiasco was not yet over, but thankfully, with the sprouts sharing a room, this year’s “fear factor” was greatly reduced.

and just in case you were wondering, we’re planning to do it all again (minus sickness, of course!) next year!

…one more thing to look forward to…


Sunday Snapshot


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