these days {february 2012}

it all started with an innocent question, “daddy, can i ride on a plane?”

and an innocent (yet, naïve, answer), “actually you get to in a couple of months.”

from then on, every morning sterling would ask, “am i going to ride on a plane today?”

then i was left with the horrible job of disappointing him, “not today, but one day.” followed by a not-so-nice glance toward the person that forced me to take on the new role of dream squasher.

eventually, sterling began his mornings with, “i’m not going to ride on a plane today, but one day, right mommy?”

“yes, sweetheart. one day.”

it is tempting to tell him when, to mark down the days, to make a game out of this much anticipated occurrence, but the reality is, at 3 years old, he doesn’t yet have the concept of days turning into weeks… or months.

so i just stick with my safe response… and keep the countdown to myself.

at the wonderful age of 15 months liberty is adorable, fun and oh so independent.

in so many ways she’s so incredibly different from sterling at this age.

when she decides she wants to rest she uses me as her personal recliner and will even lay down next to me.

she doesn’t expect or demand my constant attention. though i must admit, with sterling he had a captive audience every waking moment, whether he wanted one or not.

liberty has begun waking in the morning without crying, but every nap time ends with an unhappy burst of tears.

she’s got some sass in her. and quite honestly it was a bit shocking at first since sterling was totally compliant until 18 months.

a major difference: liberty’s sleep times are super flexible, though unlike sterling at this age she still requires two naps, but the times and length of each one can be adjusted a bit. which brings me to the “major” part – every day is different and i can’t depend on her to accommodate my expectations of how long she should sleep, etc.

all in all, i love this age, this stage! i love watching her explore, learn and play.

and i love who she’s becoming.

Sunday Snapshot


3 thoughts on “these days {february 2012}

  1. So sweet. Beautiful kiddos. Liberty is DEFINITELY a Davis. I’m glad Sterling is looking forward to the plane ride… I don’t know what I’ll do when we have to take both of our peas on a plane. Many hours in a confined space does not sound appealing to this Momma right now!

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