our boy/girl room {balls & stars}

last spring i bought each of the sprouts aqua curtains for their rooms and then decided on some fun paper balls and stars to decorate liberty’s room with.

when some friends visited & subsequently delivered the curtains they were immediately put to use, but unfortunately i miscalculated the width necessary and neither window was adequately covered. (need I mention that I was a literature major?) ultimately i had to make the dreaded trip to the fabric market (so many choices!) and do the exact thing i was hoping to avoid (spend too much money) – pick out fabric for both rooms as well as use my non-existent sewing skills & language to describe what exactly i wanted the seamstress to do with the fabric. needless to say, by buying the curtains online i didn’t save myself headaches or money.

eventually, both windows were adequately covered. liberty’s with flowers on pink (with hints of aqua) and sterling’s with various forms of transportation. thankfully, sterling loved his curtains.

however, this winter we have embarked on a new challenge: rooming the sprouts together. and as such, it seemed like the ideal (it’s miserably cold outside) time to have some design fun.

so… combining both sets of aqua curtains allowed us to have ample window coverage, while adding the pink sheer to the walls helped create a cohesive, boy/girl room.

sterling and liberty were both super excited about the balls taking up residence in their room. sadly, as cute & fun 😉 as the balls are, they are quite flimsy and not exactly kid smashing friendly. so you can imagine we had a bit of a struggle trying to keep them from being destroyed. in all honesty jarod had the disadvantage of trying to accommodate my “i want them squished together” idea as the balls tended to collapse if anything (including other balls) merely touched them. note to self: it’s a good idea to invest in nylon lanterns in the future.

as soon as we began constructing the stars sterling said, “look! a blue star for me and a pink star for liberty!”

as silly as it sounds, it was a blessing to see both of their excitement about the (as liberty says) “bah” and “tar” (balls and stars)!

and thankfully, sterling hasn’t asked where his transportation curtains are. yet

p.s. you should know that i stole this idea, and so as a courtesy to anyone who may be interested in creating your own hanging lantern twist, i’ve included the links for your convenience. happy hanging!


4 thoughts on “our boy/girl room {balls & stars}

  1. So why are you moving them into one room together? The lantern collection is such a creative idea, how cute!

  2. I love it when siblings can share rooms. Our kids are begging for Selah to join them, but I’m not ready to move her yet.

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