oh baby! oh flo!

thanks to her adoring nai nai liberty received this look-a-like baby doll for her 1st birthday.

i knew that eventually she’d love it, i just didn’t know when or how it’d manifest itself.

but oh how our 15 month old loves her baby doll! so sweet together! it’s fun to see her playing mommy already.

there’s a universal truth that you appreciate things that are less accessible. this principle applies to all kinds of things like cheese, dr. pepper… and flo.

flo is not only special because she has the much loved accessory of “wheels” but because she is only available on certain sundays when another friend brings her out to play, and to share.

on this week however, flo spent her days with us as she awaited our next sunday gathering so that she could return to her owner. as you can see, she was in good hands the whole time!

what fun gifts… and fun times we’re having these days!

(because i think that a heart of thanksgiving is a wonderful treasure we like to practice saying prayers of gratitude.)

“thank you Lord for nai nai & our friends who love us so much and share such wonderful gifts with us! amen.”

Sunday Snapshot


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