psalm 1:3 {& sparrow}

back in november i was looking for something unique and special to give jarod for CHRISTmas. since we only give each other 3 gifts i need at least two each one to really count.

originally i wanted to spruce up our bedroom with some retro sparrow print fabric. because God had used sparrows as a way to remind me of his faithfulness and provision throughout 2011 i also wanted jarod to have a constant visual reminder of God’s great care for him.

however, after i added up the cost of the fabric (wowzers!) and contemplated the headache of mounting the fabric i realized that my crafty (but surely awesome!) idea was simply too much for our pocketbook and my stress level.

so, i went to visit my old standby.

and wouldn’t you know it, i randomly came across this (wall vinyl) verse.

psalm 1:3 “you will be like a tree, firmly planted by streams of water. you will yield your fruit in season; your leaves will not wither; and whatever you do will prosper.”

i’ve read psalm 1 numerous times, but verse 3 had never stood out to me until it was alone… visually standing on its own. and boy did it speak to my heart.

because we refer to our children as our “sprouts” (based on proverbs 13:12), the reference to us being like a tree exemplified my prayer for our sprouts… and our family.

so it seemed fitting that it be exhibited in a prominent place in our home.

thankfully with another quick search (courtesy of etsy) i was also able to add my original concept to what has otherwise become our family verse.

and i was able to incorporate the sparrow image in other places as well, such as our bedroom doors, as a constant reminder of God’s great care and provision… and ultimately, his sustaining grace and love.

may this verse be true in all our lives as we drink deep from the “living water” and remember to live in accordance with his sustaining grace.

*living in a rented space we have chosen not to permanently adhere anything to our walls (or doors) which means that sometimes things aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as they could be, but at least they’re not lost when we repaint or move. 😉


4 thoughts on “psalm 1:3 {& sparrow}

  1. Sometimes life gets so overwhelming… it is so east to say “cast your troubles” though as you know… much harder to practice! I think it is a great idea to have sublte and even not-so-subtle reminders of Dad’s faithfulness. Sometimes it is hard to keep the right perspective.

  2. Love what you did on the walls! Having scripture and reminders of HIs goodness/faithfulness for our eyes to daily see are such a blessing! Love you girl!

  3. It’s lovely! If you’d ever like to paste something up semi-permanently in your rental, you can use a corn starch mixture to adhere fabric to walls and doors and such. Works great. Love that you’re surrounding your family with Scripture.

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