february {hodgepodge}

liberty is a girl who appreciates a good pair of shoes, especially if they’re stylish… she also seems to be drawn to the color pink. (how does that happen exactly!?!) so when she found these “to be put in storage” shoes she was insistent that she wear them. and miraculously daddy was able to coerce the too small shoe over her jammers and onto her foot. modern day foot-binding style. and she was happy.

i never ever intending to make an itouch a regular accessory for sterling. However, from time to time we “loan” him ours for strategic entertainment . when traveling. when we’re pushing him beyond his normal routine. and as a form of letter/number acquisition. interestingly enough, he quickly discovered how to navigate the contraption and now easily maunevours between apps/music/photos/video. it’s been a while, but now seems like a good time to declare again, we’ve got a little genius on our hands!

since jarod is out of the home several nights each week i’ve come to make (somewhat accidently) pizza a weekly dinner standby. *gasp!* it’s kind of like hardship pay for suffering yet another evening with just mommy. and truth be told, it makes some of those evenings much easier on me. 😉 and then, sometime during the week daddy gets to also enjoy left over pizza. win-win!

unfortunately, liberty can’t eat “the red part” due to tomato’s high acidic content, but she enjoys the crust and her apple… which she, like her daddy, gnaws down to just a tiny stem.

if i remember correctly, on this day daddy entertained the sprouts with a short viewing (probably of a news clip) after lunch. and the sprouts entertained us with their “pandar” hats


because i’m not so keen on living a guilt ridden life i’ll just surmise that i haven’t been as consistent in the “education” department as i had once hoped. maybe it’s because it wasn’t entirely my idea. in fact it all started when jarod announced he was going to teach sterling to recognize and write 3 letters – that day. um, that night. i cautioned that one letter would probably be enough. and so we commenced with recognizing, sounding out, tracing and writing scribbling “A”


the reality is, sterling had a lot of fun and he’s really fun to teach. i was especially proud of him for sticking through his first “on the fly” lesson and his great attitude. however, i haven’t exactly put forth the necessary effort into maintaining a letter a day (or a week) philosophy that would be more conducive to sterling learning all the components of the alphabet. and because i’m not a fan of “mommy guilt” every time a feel a twinge of guilt i remind myself, he’s not even 3 ½ yet! ahhh. relief!

as you can see, the special letter stamp markers (thank you dpfbc!) also gave liberty something to chew on. a bit of humor also goes a long way in relieving some of the (unnecessary) stress in my life


seriously, though, i can’t tel you how many times a week day that i look at this beautiful face and am blown away at how big God is and how perfectly timed his plans are.

and i marvel at this beautiful face as liberty is a sweet reminder of his goodness.

both of them truly are the joy of my life. and make waking before 6 am worth it. every. day.




2 thoughts on “february {hodgepodge}

  1. Love all the pictures!! And seriously…no need for mommy guilt. Your kiddos are getting the best education from you right now…as you teach them love from the Father and all His goodness. The other stuff will come with time! Plenty of time for all the learning! You are doing a great job!!

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