3 ½ {exploration & independence}

on march 20th sterling turned 3 ½ years old. certainly a milestone worth celebrating because our baby boy… well, is no longer a baby! he is all boy! i guess every stage in a little boy’s life from 0 to 30 can be characterized by two exciting words: exploration & independence. but “3” seems to epitomize these two words!

in honor of this special occasion i grabbed my camera and the puzzle number “3” and with a moody & reluctant sterling in tow we headed outside to make the most of the looming sunshine. because if there’s one thing i love, it’s pictures of our sprouts! and this milestone gave me the perfect excuse to put my “worth all the $ ’cause i’m not good at this photography thing” camera to use.

even though my person of interest wasn’t super interested in modeling or being the object of my lens’ affection, i feel confident that these images, as raw as they are, convey the beauty of our boy… and a bit of his personality.

unfortunately the “bit” that i caught didn’t include a smile… and since i try not to take these kinds of things personally i’ll chalk the somber expression up to the grumps due to lack of an adequate nap and the fact that on this day all he really wanted was to be held.

which you can rest assured, he got plenty of as soon as mommy’s shooting spree was over.

ahhh… now that’s my baby boy!

sterling loves: (((hugs))). tickles. playing legos with daddy. adam raccoon books. books (in general). bible stories. planes, trains & automobiles. the color “red”. cooking (in his kitchen). liberty. his blankie. fruities. dumplings. cherry tomatoes. whole apples. watching “little einstein” in asianese. wearing shorts & short sleeved shirt – like daddy.

sterling enjoys: his friends at school. speaking asianese. apple juice. coloring. stickers. making pretty much any inanimate object a “sword.”

sterling has many adoring fans… (besides his mommy & daddy & grandparents, of course!). he is also loved by chen ye ye, hao ayi, peter, fei fei, g family, and all his teachers. as you can see, he’s quite popular around these parts!

recent funny phrases: carrying a box a milk to me he exclaims, “i’m chen ye ye!” randomly declares, “fei fei’s not bad at all!” requests to be read to in “en-gish” or asianese. “fight the dragon!” now points at things & says, “pow! pow! pow!” he’s also an animated story teller and can tell the stories of jonah, feeding the 5,000, the calming of the storm and stories of david from memory.

because i love “3” and specifically, sterling at “3” i’m making a point to enjoy these days with our boy because time is a fly’n! jarod, on the other hand, is already gearing up for 4! that’s a daddy for ya!


3 thoughts on “3 ½ {exploration & independence}

  1. Sterling is amazing and adorable – smile or no and we love him dearly!! Thank you for capturing his picture and all of the things he loves. Hugs from us! We love you all!

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