language bloopers by jarod

today i was privileged to share my heart with some amazing people.  getting to operate in a 2nd language has its humorous moments… particularly when you are talking all day, have a sinus infection and are loaded up on sinus meds.  thus the stage is set…

the first humorous moment occurred when i was discussing “boldness” when it comes to sharing the good news.  the locals describe it by discussing the size of your gall bladder.  they use it in much the same way we’d use “guts” to describe our boldness.  i.e. when my best friend in elementary school told me that i didn’t have the guts to “parachute” off the roof of the house, i showed him by holding onto the four corners of a canadian flag and jumping only to discover that it in no way did my “parachute” slow me down…ouch.  the good news is that i still have my guts!

anyway, back to the story.  the pronunciation for “gall bladder” is almost the same as” bag” except there’s an “r” sound on the end.  i meant to say ” we need to ask Dad to give us big gall bladders (guts) to boldly share…”  however, what i actually said was, ” we need to ask Dad to give us big “bags” to share …” and then everyone laughed. oops.

the next mistake was a little harder to recover from.  i was all serious as i demonstrated how to share a testimony by sharing my own.  i was in the serious part when i was discussing the purposelessness of my life before giving my life fully over to jc. i said,” my goal in life was to get a good job, buy a big house, scare some children and retire early…” everyone was rolling in laughter.  what did i say?  i thought it over and then started laughing myself.  earlier someone gave us some freshly laid duck eggs, and i was thinking all day about what to do with them.  it turns out that the same pronunciation for “scare” is also “lay”.  the bad news is that neither word was remotely correct, and the statement came off totally wrong.  some joked with me later on stating that my testimony was really about how JC saved me from being a duck and scaring my children.

the good news in all of this is that i wore a minority hat earlier in the day, and they were already used to giggling at my expense… all-in-all it was a good day with some good unplanned laughs.


2 thoughts on “language bloopers by jarod

  1. Way to go Jarod. I’m sure everyone got the gist of your speaking.
    When life gives you lemons. . . . . . make lemonade, right???

    Love You Jarod and love your persistence and dedication!

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