the sweet deal…

we had to do something! since moving liberty into sterling’s room at bedtime & nap times we’ve had a few incidents that warranted some kind of intervention.

our first course of action was disciplinary action. *gasp*

unfortunately for us & sterling’s backside, we were surprised to discover sterling’s got quite a tenacious – for lack of better word – spirit. and well, ultimately that meant that we had to come up with another way to keep our sanity encourage positive behavior.

because you see, sterling has the (insert sarcasm here) awesome ability to push through even the most intense degree of exhaustion. and when he’s pushing those physical limits, he’s also pushing all of ours. namely, mine (because i can’t sleep when i know he’s bee-bopping around in his room) and liberty’s (who he happily enteratains until she has an all-out melt down).

in order to persuade him to compliance we sweetened the deal.

5 stickers = an ice cream.

pretty good deal since he is very rarely given sweets of any kind.

and the deal is pretty sweet for us too because we know that the ice cream he’s earning is none other than frozen yogurt.


so far sterling has earned 3 ice creams.

even so, you can be certain that this little deal hasn’t come easily to any of us.

which makes each success worthy of a major celebration.

sterling was 2 before he ate his first ice cream cone… which means liberty is not yet old enough to taste the good life. truth be told, it’s probably a good thing ’cause sterling has been known to choose fruit over sugary sweets a time or two. and that makes my heart proud. even so, the picture of liberty alone, watching sterling enjoying his cold, sweet treat while she watches on from a distance almost breaks my heart. almost. 😉


5 thoughts on “the sweet deal…

  1. That IS a sweet deal! Love those pictures of Sterling getting to enjoy his ice cream. Good for you all for encouraging the positive behavior.

  2. Great idea! Parenting is a great deal trial and error. I’m sure it fun to watch him eat ice cream, if the pictures are that much fun to look at. I do pity Liberty a bit, but at least she doesn’t know what she’s missing.

  3. Hi guys! So great to read all the updates and see the pictures of the 2 lovely children! 🙂 They are growing up fast, aren’t they! We are STILL waiting for the Little One (he is one day overdue today) and the wait has been full of suspense. I wanted to let you know that we’ve picked Jared (same pronunciation, different spelling) as our son’s name and we’ll be sure to tell him when he grows up that another big guy doing big things has the same name too! 🙂 His full name will be Jared Yau Zhi Hao. Zhi is for Wisdom and Hao for Grand, Heroic. Thanks for the tip on what’s essential/not for babies! 😀 Take care and God bless!

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