{pin}terest – {p}interest

pinterest: the newest way to organize my online life.

i love the flexibility that pinterest offers a person like me – quick glances and an uber friendly way to categorize (ie. bookmark) my life.

i love how, when i happen to have a few spare moments, i can follow-up on interesting articles, blogs and ideas.

i love how it functions as a creative outlet.

i love that i don’t have 267 websites bookmarked under “my favorites” tab anymore… because they are now wonderfully categorized on my pinterest boards.

and i love seeing into other people’s worlds and heart via their pins.

which brings me to the point of this post – i want to see into YOUR world.  if you are a fellow pinner i’d love to learn from you.

feel free (my voice is short of begging you!) to put your tag line in the comments.

like i said, i’d love to look into your world, your heart because i’m nosey like that.  🙂


if you are even remotely interested in seeing my version of what’s “on the menu“, some great ideas for “sprouts“, or are in need of a bit of inspiration via “words” or “photography” feel free to visit me at my tag: WellDefined.


2 thoughts on “{pin}terest – {p}interest

  1. I have “followed you” on pinterest… follow me right back (warning, I mostly pin food and now that I am dieting/have been dieting I hardly get to make any of it!) I live vicariously through my pin boards…. but also – so many cute ideas for the peas’ first bday! Check it out!

  2. I’m catching up on your blog so I just saw this… mine is pinterest.com/melissan07

    I’m following your boards now! 🙂

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