happy 13th anniversary!

13 years ago when i was anticipating walking down the aisle i could never have imagined how much i would change, how we would change… and grow.

13 years ago as i was walking down the aisle towards you it all felt normal, like the natural next step. now i can’t imagine walking through this life without you.

13 years ago i never imagined this life. living in this place. mothering our “we’ve got two!” sprouts. loving these people.

13 years ago i was just beginning to grasp the concepts laid out in 1 corinthians 13, what love is… and what it is not.

13 years later i’m completely and utterly overwhelmed by this gift called marriage: a call to commitment, service and unyielding love. overwhelmed and indebted.

13 years later i’m still amazed that you chose me.

and i’m still totally in love with you.

for our anniversary we took a trip out to a nearby horticulture park. and though we didn’t get many pictures with us (adults) in them, and none of “just us two” i’m glad we at least attempted to get some. as you can see, with squirmy little ones and two sets of little legs that want to do nothing more than run in the wide open spaces, it wasn’t an easy task.

happy anniversary, my love. it’s been an unpredictable and incredible ride!


6 thoughts on “happy 13th anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary, many more, and all of those other wonderful things. I am sure that when you “took the plunge” 13 years ago you never imagined the placed He would take you and the people He would put in your life together. So happy for you, love to all.

  2. Happy Anniversary you love birds. You two are so great together! Anniversaries are different with kids, but wonderful just the same.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! “A cord of three strands is not easily broken” – Eccl 4:12 – Cling to that third cord – actually bungee jump from it! Makes for a great ride… Love y’all

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