sprouts: {kisses} & (((hugs)))

5.18.2012: i couldn’t have planned it. and had i begged for it, it would have been sure to elude me. but on this day, it happened.


the love that had been growing since liberty joined our family, 18 months ago, has grown into a friendship and an eternal bond.

family, a bond of commitment and love.

and on this day, sealed with {kisses} & (((hugs))).


4 thoughts on “sprouts: {kisses} & (((hugs)))

  1. As a mom, I now understand why my mom loved it when I got along with my siblings…sibling love is so sweet! Cute pics!!

  2. So sweet! I love how much they love each other and i know they’ll be there for each other always! We love and miss you all!!

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