tools for the heart…


tools.  for the heart.

i’ve seen them on pinterest.  i’ve seen them in blogs.  i’ve even read through some of the posts and comments.

and i’ve checked time and again.  my heart.

the real question for me is NOT am i up for time with my God, but am up for what he has planned for me?

’cause i have a feeling he’s about to do something big in my life.

if i make time, give him room to work.  if i remember that he is my heart beat, my breath… and his Word is my Bread.

only thing is i need to quiet my ragged, raging heart.  i need to slow enough to feel the beauty of every breath.  air in my lungs – in, out – circulating through me.  and i need to commit to feasting with him, on his Word.

so looking forward to putting these tools to use.  excavating the depths of my heart.

his Word is sharper than a double edge sword.

what are some of your favorite tools… for the heart?


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