i shared with you that i recently received lightroom for my birthday.

what i didn’t share is that i was paralyzed with fear. especially after reading the owner’s manual online and buying a “dumbed-down” version via amazon kindle.

all that talk of organizing photos… and my lack of intuitive understanding as to how to do even the “simplest” of tasks ’caused me to have this look: on the verge of tears. someone… adobe, can you please tell me why it’s not more straightforward like elements!?! {before}

thankfully, my dear, patient husband came to my rescue and shed some technological light on the wonder of lightroom. although i’m a long way off from understanding how to organize my photos (maybe because the idea of evaluating thousands, possibly millions, of pictures threatens to suck the life out of me) i am super excited to learn more. a little encouragement goes a long way. and so does a little light! {after}





5 thoughts on “lightroom!

  1. You are doing a great job!! I love the Lightroom pictures – they look very professional!! and your subjects are some of my very favorite people!! I love you all!! Nai Nai

  2. I’m happy for you that you got Lightroom. It’s excellent. I’ve used it a lot and Cassie uses it. I just switched to Aperture on my Mac though and am learning it. It’s great too.

    Thanks for sharing!

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