several years ago we were in the middle of waiting to be united with our precious child when i lamented to one of the girls visiting that summer that i didn’t want a typical blue eyed/blonde haired baby doll for our child. i wanted her (uh, um) to have a baby doll that at least resembled her.

allyson quickly responded, “don’t worry, i’ll get one for you.”

in all honesty, the sweet sentiments coming from a college student were lost on me. i thought surely she’d return home from her adventure and forget.

but she didn’t.

she did just what she promised she’d do, she sent a beautiful asian baby doll to us. the brand – american girl.

then she (the baby doll) joined us in the waiting game. waiting to be united with her caregiver.


thank you allyson for the precious and special gift. sterling loves her. and he loves practicing his ever budding skills of compassion and nurture on her.

now each sprout has their own mini-me.needless to say, there’s lots of affection going on in our home these days.and adoration.and it’s not just reserved for the baby dolls you can see, one sprout’s love language is clearly physical touch, which isn’t necessarily the other one’s love language. 😉but then again… maybe it is!more often than not, this is the end result.apparently having your own mini-me is so much fun! (especially when, between the two of you, you don’t even make up one whole outfit!)loving the hand-hold in this picture as he copies mommy’s tradition (minus the eye gouging, of course).more kisses, hugs and, so much to be thankful for.

thank you so much for your heart (& follow-through) allyson!

thank you nai nai for liberty’s mini-me!

you two have made these moments, these memories possible.

*p.s. did you notice the photo of our dear friend elizabeth in the background? love that she’s perpetually in our home and smiling!

p.s.s. sorry about the lighting in these pictures. I literally took 101 images in this setting and well, the flash, nor I, could keep up!


3 thoughts on “mini-me!

  1. That was precious————–thanks for sharing. I love the Asian-looking baby doll. Sterling will be a great daddy some day, just like his daddy!!

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