lil’ miss liberty’s got per-son-al-i-ty!

here’s a few june moments & milestones from our very own lil’ miss liberty.

she’s mastered feeding herself. two spoons. perhaps she’s been inspired by chopsticks!?!

she’s discovered her sunglasses. good thing too ’cause they’ve been waiting some 4 years for the light of day! thanks nai nai!

I’ve discovered that she really can’t get any cuter!at any given time during the month of june liberty had a bump, bruise or scratch on her face. more often than not, several. battle wounds of a toddler. all well was also the month of the first full-on meltdown… and 2nd and 3rd… the first meltdown happened the day after my birthday (whew, close one!) which happened to be the day before my mom left. neither of us could have been more surprised by her sudden burst of per-son-al-i-ty!

thankfully we’ve curtailed most of them through jarod’s ingenious idea of letting her go ahead and have the meltdown in the safety of her own bed. his idea, which in reality is so incredibly simple, has basically halted all outbursts. granted, i would have never thought to do it myself. sometimes it’s nice to have someone give me permission to do things that go against my mommy-ness. i know, a pathetic confession.

on this day, however, liberty had a meltdown in the care of a friend while i retrieved sterling from school. so when i got home, this was waiting for me. passed out on the floor. and let me tell you, she was not easily roused. (thanks tricia for braving the tantrum for me!)june also brought with it many opportunities for outdoor play. i’ve learned to always check the bottom of the slide for standing rain water (hence the lack of bottoms) and she’s learned that she must wear a hat when we go outside. thankfully many moons ago i was given a baby-hat-wearing-tip… when the wee hand reaches for the cap, thump it. my thump doesn’t have much (if any) gusto, but the annoyance of her hand being thumped has prevented many a war over wearing the hat. again, thankful for permission to do that which doesn’t come naturally to me. thanks kellie for wisin’ me up!

this month’s other fun milestone is the “step” – meaning she can now walk up & down steps! no more bum scootin’ to get down… and no more 2 steppin’ each step to go up. she can ascend and descend with ease (1 foot on each step instead of the step-together-step-together method).

yep, we’re made some awesome memories and mighty big milestones in june! i couldn’t be more proud of our lil’ miss liberty. and I love her big-o per-son-al-i-ty!


4 thoughts on “lil’ miss liberty’s got per-son-al-i-ty!

  1. Thank you for posting the sunglasses picture!! These are all so cute, since your photo subject is so beautiful!!

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