sweet summer fun – play, eat & hold hands

june was unusual. unpredictable temperatures and rainy days, stacked on top of each other. so when the sun was out, so were we… playing in our very own dose of vitamin d!

and eating our fill of vitamin c!on this particular day i made a royal mess using my star shaped cookie cutter on round, red watermelon. delicious.

and to think i had almost forgotten how sweet summer can taste.at one point sterling pointed up and said, “look mommy!” looking up we marveled at the waves of clouds set in motion by some invisible wind current. on this day even sterling realized the beauty found in the sky as so many of our skies are broadcasts of vast emptiness punctured by dozens of skyscrapers.

following the wonder i turned 180 degrees to see these giant puffs. majestic.in the evenings this is one of our regular pit stops. with 3 slides, 2 sets of stairs, 1-2 adults per child, it’s quite the hang out.

somehow sterling got it in his head that he needed to hold liberty’s hand.even to the point of dragging her… lovingly and mercilessly behind him.he was not letting go.resulting in a few cautions to be “gentle” and many smiles…and an opportunity to set an example.

sweet. summer.


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