{more} tools for the heart…

back in june i shared with you two tools that Dad was using in my life… tools of the Word. tools for my heart.

a little sandpaper (sometimes a gentle rub and sometimes high grit!), a precision instrument, like a knife, and a soothing balm.

i’ll admit most days that i sit down in the quiet of his Word i feel encouraged, refreshed. but there are also days like yesterday, when i find myself distracted, distant, and neglectful. on those days i do two things: i try to train my brain to focus on his all-surpassing glory – of which i should be in awe, and i plow on. even if it means that 5 minutes after my study i couldn’t tell you what the verses were about, or how they’re going to impact my life.

sometimes the mere act of diligence – sticking with it – is the triumph!

and sometimes i need to be more diligent to steady my heart and mind on things of Christ.

so with that said, i’ve come across a few more tools for the heart. i hope that as you discern which tool (not all of them!) you should cultivate in your live that you experience his blessings… and a deeper, more intimate love for him and his Word.

HelloMornings is a community of women studying & living intentionally. this seasons challenge is from august 20 – november 16. from website: “The HelloMornings Challenge was birthed to encourage Christian women toward the life-giving habit of waking up early. HelloMornings participants will: 1. experience quality time with God 2. intentionally plan their days 3. and exercise regularly”Mom Heart Online

i just recently encountered “i take joy” which is written by sally clarkson of whole heart ministries. she & her husband are well known in christian homeschooling circles. on her website she offers advice, encouragement and tips for moms and more specifically, homeschooling moms. “their heart is to come alongside christian parents to help them prepare their children to become christian leaders in the next generation.” awesome!

she’s also a part of momheart ministries. their vision is: “we are a place any mom can come to be encouraged, equipped, and enabled as a mother after God’s heart. we are here to inspire and engage your heart with great content that calls you to a high vision for your life as a mother, to create an online community of moms where you can network and interact with others who share your heart…”

wow!  it seems that when i’ve stumbled upon one great resource, i’ve stumbled upon many… and many of which are connected or interlinked somehow!  because of the length of this post i’ve seriously considered not including some of these tools/websites but i realize that many of us are in various stages of life…  and so, i thought it best to include several options.

the women living well site offers all kinds of homemaking ideas.  from food to linking up parties where you are invited to share what Dad is speaking to you.  in addition, she has a proverbs 31 online study/video that you can enjoy.

her sister site, Good Morning Girls is: “a group of Christian women who email, facebook, twitter or text messaging to keep each other accountable for their quiet times.”

dislaimer:  on several of these sites i’m starting to notice an interesting trend… online mentoring & accountability.  much of it intentional, connecting women together, offering some level of accountability.  for people like myself, who live overseas, and out of the “normal” realm of relating, i think this is an exciting and encouraging option.  however, i want to clarify that i’m in no way advocating for online relationships to be our only (or even primary) way of relating.  nor should it be our only source of being mentored or mentoring.  because the truth is, in a myriad of ways and on various levels we need each other.  hugs and all.  😉

my hope is that you won’t try to do “everything” but that you’ll find encouragement for the road you’re currently on. and what a journey this life is! remember: none of us can do it all (so please don’t even try!), but if we daily commit our lives, & our time, our hearts to the Lord, we will triumph!

do you have any tools of the heart you’d like to share with me??? 😉

humbly learning with you.


3 thoughts on “{more} tools for the heart…

  1. The Cozi Family Calendar is a pretty neat “tool.” For today’s world in which Moms are jsut busy busy busy. It’s a free app that allows you to plan events, organize your calendar, and have it emailed or texted to family members. Did I mention it was free? You have to carefully walk the line between organized and micromanaging…. we all know that not EVERY SINGLE SECOND of EVERY SINGLE DAY can be planned and accounted for. LEt’s face it, in my life all it takes is for one person to poop their pants and there goes the schedule, right out the window.

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