“almost 4”

a while back sterling started trying to convince me that he’s “4”. my guesstimation is that his school has “bumped him up” to “4” based on the local calendar.

but this mommy isn’t ok with him being “bumped up”… or out of the nest too quickly so in true jennifer fashion i’ve corrected his misconception. and told him he’s “almost 4”.

since the number “4” is still mentioned, he seems pretty content with his “new age”.

and i’m pretty content to hang onto “3” as long as the days allow!

fyi: lovin’ the lightroom presents. check’em out.

before & after:


6 thoughts on ““almost 4”

  1. Yep. Jonas was sooo eager to become 5, then later 6. He talked about it months in advance. Lance turns 3 this week. He seems oblivious, he’s so laid back!

  2. Wow!!! He is growing so fast!!! And, might I say, becoming more and more adorable!!! Oh my goodness! 😀 😀 So much personality in that little face!!!

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