july sunshine!

we remember all too well the confinement of winter. and remembering makes summer that much more special!

hence, the reason to celebrate.bask in its light.touch air.capture.and rejoice.soak in the moment.chase the wind.appreciate the every day.contemplate the finer things in life.and enjoy the simple pleasures – like a barrowed water gun.

it’s also a good time to take up a recreational hobby… like fishing.with sticks… sans bait.together.and it’s time for taking a moment to live creatively.marveling at natural beauty.and making history.and it’s a good time to look deep, within.
take a risk.and a time to kneel. beside people we love. and friends.

it’s a time for construction. be it building up the skyline or reconstructing the heart.it’s a good time to let loose.and pause.a time of wonder and ah.and looking ahead.a time for chasing our dreams.and running…a victory lap.it’s a time for making friends.and learning how to be a friend.and july, with summer days passing by oh so quickly, reminds us to hold onto today… even as we look toward tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “july sunshine!

  1. Looks like…a good time! Sterling, I liked that water gun. So, as usual, I complained the other day about the incessant Summer heat. But then I let that go and enjoyed what only Summer allows, and gave those experiences to my boys. We washed the car in swim trunks and sandals, got wet with the water hose and felt the wind and water cool us refreshingly in the warm bright sun. And the boys get to play in the pool.

  2. Love the bubbles! We find ourselves playing lots and lots of bubbles. It’s amazing to me how happy kids are just to be outside, run and play. 🙂

  3. Great photos! and commentating. Funny how kids can be amazed by the most mundane, a drainage/manhole cover. We just walk over it. Lesson there, I’m sure – need to open our eyes, hearts and spirits. HUGS to all!

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