july 4th: liberty (& the dress)

jarod and i bought this gingham dress in beijing a loooooong time ago.

in anticipation of welcoming a baby girl to our family… via adoption. (oh my how Dad surprises… & delights!) yet once again our limited understanding… and even prayers of pleading couldn’t compare with this, Dad’s immeasurably greater gift. liberty praise.

our very own “american baby”.

wearing this precious dress-in-waiting on july 4, 2012… in china!

>>note: even though i often find myself announcing to everyone within earshot people, “we bought this fill in the blank 4 or 5 years ago. and here she is… wearing it!” i’m really speaking in astonishment more to myself than anyone else. sorry for being so repetitive. i’m sure she’ll eventually outgrow all the clothes that were given or bought and stored up for our baby girl… eventually!


5 thoughts on “july 4th: liberty (& the dress)

  1. I love all the ‘American’ clothes that people can buy in Asia!! Just makes me laugh! I once saw someone wear an outfit that was nothing else but an American flag made into a shirt and shorts outfit. Fun times

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