july: lil’ bits & pieces…

yes, i realized that at the end of august i finally got around to posting pictures of liberty on july 4th! thanks for your forgiveness! here’s a few more bits & pieces of our life. hope they make you smile.

unlike sterling at this age, liberty’s fond of ‘coloring’ on the magnetic drawing board, on paper, and pretty much any surface – including her own fingers.she has great expectations of filling out her big brother’s red shoes. it’s just a matter of time.when i saw this floating fish light up ball i thought i’d hit the jackpot. i thought it was so cool. and so did liberty, for about 5 minutes. every once in a while sterling earns the privilege of watching or playing something on my itouch. of course, liberty’s eager to get in on the experience too.these days we make it a point to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. so i thought i should document our ritual… shoes on, key in hand, door closed carefully behind us, sterling on his bike, waiting in the hall for the elevator… hat on, enjoying the ride to the 1st floor…and then, after a few more stairs and a push through the big, heavy metal door… we finally make it outside!where we take a few moments to sit and enjoy the busy ants…(love this OH! face!)we also like to visit the bunny… and feed it some rocks and dirt carrots and weeds.eventually we make our way over to the playground and enjoy a ride or two… down memory slide.

the evenings we don’t make it outside we may enjoy a quite evening (or not so quiet!) reading books…being interviewed and/or followed like the papparazi (& subsequently watching ourselves on the little screen)… and we may even try out a new hobby or two. but mostly, i use most of my energy and time capturing memories…. all while the sprouts use all their energy avoiding the lens.

and just like that we’re caught up to…

july 8th!


3 thoughts on “july: lil’ bits & pieces…

    • on sale at target this past april when we visited the states. btw: it’s carter’s “just one you”
      — too bad the phrase isn’t entirely true of my little miss independence 😉 —

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