a recommendation, a confession and a toy worth keeping…

several years ago this book was recommended to us. and i gotta tell ya… it’s probably the closest thing you can read that adequately describes what it feels like living on the east side. so if you have time, and you’d like to read a “classic…” with insight… i promise this one will put a smile on your face!because i don’t want to give the wrong impression… here’s a confession. i am not a play dough, markers, crayons, scissors and messy fun kinda mom. i’m not beyond requiring bottoms being firmly planted in chairs or quickly removing items that warrant my supervision. though i do sometimes, when i can keep both eyes firmly planted on them, allow for some hands on creativity. typically i keep all “art supplies” put away and i have yet to let the sprouts indulge their creative sides with washable paint. and no, the fact that it’s “washable” didn’t slip past me… but it still poses a substantial threat to our white washed concrete walls. so yes, i’m denying the sprouts what some would call “self-expression.” however, if you’re around our home for longer than 10 minutes you’ll soon discover that though i like to limit the messiness, our sprouts are fully able to express themselves in other ways… words, mainly. …and thank you for the “amen!” i just heard!recently i’ve been reading a blog that encourages us to minimize the “stuff” in our lives. i’ve enjoyed the challenge to simplify my life. however, i will confess that there are some things, once in your possession, that are worth holding onto.such as this buzz lightyear ride on car. still a hit with both sprouts! and to think that i was contemplating “passing along” the $3 tool set… but alas, even it proved it’s worth keeping around! this is certainly one way everyone gets to enjoy this much coveted toy!

thank you nai nai and ye ye for going against what you knew i’d advise… and putting it in your suitcase… for years of enjoyment. 😉


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