ikea: making ourselves at home

we’ve always liked ikea… be it on the west side where we’d make the 45 minute trek to the superstore, or on the east side. we’ve been known to visit ikeas in a couple of different major cities, even mailing a chair (& way too much other “stuff” to mention) back to ourselves. one of my favorite ikea memories is when our friends joined up with us just a few days after adopting sterling in gz. i remember seating at the restaurant was hard to come by but the adventure with people we love (& the chance for one of them to shop kid-free) was well worth it.from there we returned to houston where we had a few more meals with friends at the great big furniture store. sterling was a huge fan of the meatballs… and we simply couldn’t bring ourselves to deny him one of the foods he absolutely loved.we were beside ourselves thrilled when we learned that an ikea would be opening in the city we were moving to.in fact, 2 years later we’re still thrilled! it happens to be one of the very few family friendly places in town.so on bad weather days, or when we just need to get out of the house (read: have a safe place to let both sprouts loose!) but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for “entertainment” (read: pay-per-visit play place) we make an ikea visit. and enjoy some reasonably priced western food while we’re there.

and then jarod and sterling enjoy a 1 kuai ice cream cone on our way out.

don’t feel sorry for us girls, we have our fun touching everything in sight… which in our book is just as delightful!

*yes, ikea serves food. yes, it’s worth eating. and lastly… you might want to visit the “as is” section prior to check out and/or the grocer just beyond (for some tasty take home desserts and meatballs)… you just might be surprised, as we’ve been. 😉


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