parenting tools & tips: books & music

as a mother, sometimes i feel at a loss as to what to do next.  where to turn.  how to handle all the little (& big) surprises that accompany the role of motherhood.  sometimes i just want to hear from someone else, who’s been here, and who’s done it well.  i rarely have such an opportunity, or shall i say, rarely have it right when i need it, but over the years i’ve listened, and taken mental notes.  i’ve packed my tool belt… it’s heavy, but still lacking.  still (& often) find myself forced into dependence on Dad for wisdom… and grace.  so, with that clearly confessed, i’d like to share a few tools and tips that i’ve discovered – snippits of wisdom: things shared, learned and practiced.

i hope that these tools and tips i’ve picked up along the way help to bless and encourage you.

let me begin by first sharing that probably my all time favorite parenting book is “shepherding a child’s heart“.  i highly recommend it – no matter the age of your children… or even if you don’t have children.  the concepts found within are useful for every christian, no matter what station or stage of life you find yourself in.  now that i’ve clarified that, if you’ve read “shepherding a child’s heart” and loved it then i highly recommend “don’t make me count to three!” which for all intents and purposes is the practical companion guide.  (sadly, i ignored this book for a long time because of the title – i had no idea the wisdom that awaited me!)  it has humorous and humble exerpts as well as realistic examples, based off the principles found in shepherding.  so, if you’re like me and need a refresher and/or a handbook that goes beyond the theory of parenting and into the application aspect, i recommend putting this book on your to buy list… or on your kindle.

i decided this is the perfect season to begin reading all those parenting books i just had to have (uh hum – cough, cough) 2 years ago.  so,  since september is sterling’s birth month i thought it appropriate to delve right into “wild things: the art of nurturing boys“.  as i turn the pages i so wish i had read this sooner… but even now, as i’m still firmly planted in the thick of boyhood i find this book both interesting and helpful.  because it’s written as a handbook it’s full of research and make-ya-think kinda information… but not so clinical that you’d lose interest.  making this book a wonderful way to thoroughly enjoy the view from here – as a mother to a son.  i highly recommend the book… and if you’re not yet sold, i urge you to read the reviews on amazon, much more eloquently put than my 2 cents.

three years ago while we were in the states we were hanging out with jarod’s sister and kiddos (& lots of other wonderful extended family) when she mentioned steve green’s scripture memory songs: hide’em in your heart.  true to her description, this contemplation allows scripture to become a normal part of our lives as it is sung in memorable and fun ways.  i personally like to make a fun time out of listening to it on evenings while daddy’s at work, and on those days it becomes a creative source of fun exercise as we dance, sing and act silly – to the music.  in this way sterling has several songs and accompanying (playful) dialog completely memorized.

recently i came across another recommended scripture memory song cd online (& on itunes) – geared towards older kids or those of us who aren’t fond of hearing children’s songs playing in our heads well after the kiddos go to bed.   in fact, when i first played exerpts from a few of the songs jarod said, “why don’t they play that on the radio?”  so there you have it, scripture memory songs… for the whole family. so if you’re looking for this sort of scriptural/musical genre i highly recommend seeds family worship.  note that there’s several cd’s to choose from (courage, faith, encouragement, praise, to name a few).  i suspect we’ll be branching out beyond our current collection – “courage” – soon.

i have no doubt that there are other great resources, tools and tips, that i could learn from you.  please share… i’m always finding holes that need filling in my tool belt.  😉


4 thoughts on “parenting tools & tips: books & music

  1. Love all the great suggestions! A book I read recently and LOVED is Give Them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick and her daughter! Amazing book the ranks up there with Shepherding a Child’s Heart. Can’t wait to see you all soon!! Love you girl!

  2. I am enjoying the books you mailed! I appreciate you guys thinking of us and wanting to share what you have learned as parents! I am looking forward to see how we will be as parents! >_<

  3. I seriously owe you one. I just bought Don’t Make Me Count to Three on my Kindle and read it in just about one sitting. I loved it – it’s definitely one of those books that I feel like I’ll keep coming back to. Thanks for the recommendation and keep them coming!

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