an east side picnic at the park…

some wonderful friends here had the great idea of doing lunch (on the grill!) at the park outside their home before the weather turned. naturally, we were excited about the opportunity to hang out with so many awesome people, but the reality is, fun times like this can be hard with little ones. so we opted out of all the fun food, like bbq and hamburgers, packed a lunch and pushed the sprouts a little… but not to the point of meltdown.

and i’m glad we did!something about fresh air, greenery and the chance to yell and run (& food!) promotes good times! and allows us to hone some of our new skills. firefighter style!some of my favorites:

sterling was very intentional to eat, sit and talk with the baby. his compassion and gentleness blessed my heart. i seriously wouldn’t be surprised if he grows up to have 9 children. liberty definitely showed interest in the baby too, but she wasn’t quite as patient to forgo exploring so she could sit and chat.besides, she is her daddy’s baby… cheetos!

of course, we had to leave all too soon. but we’re glad we got to hang out as long as we did. thanks again chutes for making it all possible!


One thought on “an east side picnic at the park…

  1. Well all I could say was awwwww, awwwwwwwwwwwww and awwwwwwwwww again and again. Love the pictures! Love Love beautiful Miss Liberty! Love Love Handsome Sterling! Love Love Love You and Jarod!!!!!

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