“treasure & treat”

(ie. our silly spoof on “trick or treat”)

for a visit down nostalgia lane you’re invited to revisit our treat of 2009/10 and treats of 2011. good times!

this year we were blessed with “treasure & treat”.

or “treat & treasure” if you like that phrasing better. and as you would expect, they were as sweet as candy!

treat: what a perfect summary of who he is!treausre: no doubt about it!

too bad i didn’t think of a clever way to incorporate our little “treasure” last year.even so, i think i’ll be keeping our new family fall theme “treasure & treat” around for a while.



One thought on ““treasure & treat”

  1. WoW! Looking back at the older post is such a good reminder to me of how time passes quickly. I always enjoy seeing how your sprouts are growing happy and healthy.

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