sterling’s mug!

he was supposed to be “resting”. on our bed. but every once in a while i’d hear a small sound coming from our room revealing that he was stirring… and definitely not asleep.

what i didn’t expect was this.

obvious disobedience.

and him with a smile, trying to wash away the evidence.

“look mommy, i put blood on me!” let me see… yes, blood red nail polish. (i can’t remember the last time i painted my nails red. oh the unnecessary liability!)

ironically he was very proud of his under the bathroom sink discovery… and his face paint.

i wasn’t nearly as impressed. hence, the 3rd degree… and mug shots.

even so, i have to admit this clown-like face – complete with pursed lips – is pretty cute.

especialy after inspecting the damage and realizing that it was limitied to his face (& not the sheets or furniture)!

besides, the cure was simple enough.

and hopefully unpleasant enough to not warrant another attempt!

either way, gotta love a little boy in face paint (even if he’s not wearing shorts)!


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