these days every time we get in the van sterling asks, “are we traveling?”

sometimes he resorts to arguing that we are “traveling”.

“traveling” is such an odd vocabulary word, and i’m not sure when we first said it or why, but he’s definitely picked up on the idea that these days we do a lot more traveling.

one of our recent adventures took us to a hotel with surprising amenities.

first off, a delicious breakfast, complete with western and asian food (a yummy morning combo!). procuring breakfast (even pre-made breakfast) for all of us requires both of my hands so i wasn’t able to capture the delicious spread, but instead, here’s the content exit. and our normal.

sterling loves physical touch and liberty loves her independence.

when i saw this indoor play area – literally twice as large as our apartment’s outdoor play area – i was super excited. interestingly enough, in our multi-day stay, i think the sprouts only spent 30 minutes playing on it… for there was something else that had their attention.

seals! 3 to be exact! the sprouts (& i) were absolutely fascinated by them. unfortunately, the majority of the pictures i took were taken with my itouch… but you get the idea. hours and hours of watching the seals. one old grumpy seal (who you see in the picture turned away from us) who could stand on his back flippers and would intentionally maneuver to where he wasn’t looking at us, and two younger ones who were more playful. we especially enjoyed the one who would “dance” for us as we cheered him on.

the weather was quite brisk outside but on the day we went into town we happened to notice a huge hill that claimed it was a park. climbing the hill we saw playground equipment and took that as the perfect opportunity to let the sprouts run wild and free – for a few chilly moments.

all too cold soon it was time to descend from the great hill. notice the creative faux tree hanging over the walk?for lunch we went to a little place in the city: see the clash between the modern (high speed train overhead) and the country (growing their own vegetables)? honestly though we didn’t notice the toilet until we reviewed the pictures. and no, it’s not for use… it was simply sat there… right outside the storage shed… not quite sure the reason. 😉

oh yes, don’t want to forget our adventure to the hot springs (read: large. bath. tub.)… complete with two hours of water play in a kiddy sized pool.

we had a good time during our “travels”. made even better by a rare chance to capture a family photo.


2 thoughts on ““traveling”

  1. It’s funny how the kids pick up “travelling” as a word! Our kids love to play travel. Especially Will. He always wants to pull the suitcase and tell us goodbye! 🙂

  2. Love this post. Traveling can be fun and wearying… I told Phillip that we are not going anywhere AT ALL over the Chrstmas holidays. Just soak in some time with my peas and stay home sweet home!

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