winter 2012 roundup!

the weather outside is frightful-ly coooooold (cue the music and my sudden understanding of what that song was actually talking about!). the temperature frequently dips into the negatives, with stiff gusts of wind… and surprise warm fronts – raising the temperature into the 20’s – and bringing with it lots of snow. this year, winter certainly takes the ice-ing, minus the cherry on top! 😉

in this kind of weather, getting the sprouts ready for pre-k often requires 3 or 4 layers of clothes (including double lined pants), a hat, a jacket with hood, gloves, boots, and a turtle neck warmer pulled up over their nose. because i’ve had to do this by myself on multiple occasions this winter, i timed myself – not including how long it takes for me to get all my layers on. drum roll… including liberty’s eczema lotion rubdown it requires a good 35 minutes to get the sprouts from jammers to fully dressed. it’s quite a feat in of itself, but then we have a 10 minute bike ride uphill in the snow, both ways.

needless to say, i’ve been unwilling to do the bundle ’em up routine when it wasn’t absolutely necessary… so it was daddy (& not mommy!) who got them dressed and took them out just so they could play in the snow. it looked like a lot of fun. from my 7th story window.

every time i see a picture of us together i can’t get over how absolutely beautiful she is… and how tired i always look. 😉 when we began calling her “fuzzy head” due to her lack of hair but soft fuzz, i never imagined at 2 years old i’d still be calling her “fuzzy head”… but for a completely different reason! lovin’ the bedhead girlfriend! there are moments in life when i catch a glimpse of her and it’s like i’m looking into the future. a 6 year old. a teen-ager. a young woman. and every time her beauty takes my breath away. this moment is the best i’ve been able to capture that moment. the entire month of december was marked by surprises. we were constantly surprised by the generosity of friends, both here & around the world. some of the most sentimental gifts we received from friends here consisted of winterwear, specifically, hats. these hats are literally the symbol of a new and budding friendship with neighbors in our complex (jarod sporting sterling’s awesome gift). i received a hat from our oldest east side friends in fusion. it’s big, it has bling… and fur… flowers and even 3 pompoms! and although it’s not my typical “stlye” it is now my go-to hat! we received so much we could never adequately convey the depth of gratitude and overwhelming love and support we’ve felt this year. the year that everyone around us truly believed they were “blessed to be a blessing”. blessing us abundantly. this winter we’ve also had some real breakthroughs.

the sprouts finally associate all things aggie with their daddy. for instance, when they see this shirt hanging on our drying rack liberty points to it and says, “daddy!” and for the record, this a good year of break throughs for the aggies. not that i know anything about it… but somehow the details get trickled down to me. 😉at present sterling has completed 79 reading lessons. he’s been rockin’ and rolling but as the reading helps have been taken away we’ve slowed down a bit. even so, his perseverance continues to be quite amazing. he inspires me and makes the prospects of homeschooling seem do-able, even enjoyable.

my parents don’t do CHRISTmas gifts, at least not the traditional way. even so, when my mom last sent a box I brought things out slowly, allowing the sprouts to savor each gift. and it just so happens they had a CHRISTmas goodie bag waiting for them. what’s better than a cape? a cape with a mask, of course!sterling absolutely loves the books he’s received that go with his reading pen. on any given day you can find him pen in hand, learning lots more than just how to spell and read a few words.

thanks to some new neighbor friends we had our first ever “happy birthday Jesus” cake. thinking CHRISTmas was only about buying and receiving gifts they were surprised when we got so excited to sing happy birthday to the birthday boy. notice the crown… and the baby Jesus in the manger figurine? truly a perfectly appropriate gift!

sadly the week surrounding CHRISTmas Jarod was sick. in fact everyone was under the weather at one point… ok i kinda don’t count because I never had a fever… but i was exhausted. but Jarod had the worst of it. turns out he had the flu. it was a rough week+. surprisingly, on several occasions he still tried to be the fun daddy. hence the lego in hand while napping in the chair. no gaping mouth bribe picture – this time. 😉 you’re welcome. then just as we were saying “see ya later” to 2012 the sprouts also had to say “see ya later” to one of their best buds. made this mommy cry and get all snotty faced. definitely no picture of that! whew! and you are welcome!

looking forward to 2013… the hope of spring… and warmer temps… and the joy of living this life… and reconnecting with so many people we love!


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